How to support Ceiling Fans: Suspended or Flushmounted?

Ceiling fan with light  is not only beautiful and generous, but also very practical, many European ceiling fan with lights are widely popular. However, not all houses are suitable for the installation of ceiling fan lights, ceiling fan light installation height has many strict requirements, so how high the house is suitable for the installation of ceiling fan with lights?

Ceiling fan with light installation height standards are as follows:  
1. If the house is too high, such as more than 3 meters, you need to consider the effect of installation. Infanlight recommended the installation of a long hanging pole ceiling fan lights, so as to ensure that the wind is strong enough.  
2. The distance between the top of house and the ground greater than or equal to 2.9M will be more suitable for the installation of ceiling fan with lights.  
3. The standard formula for choosing height of ceiling fan with light :  the ceiling fan extended hanger  = room height - 2.8M.

4. The distance between the  blade of ceiling fans and the ground after installation at least more than 2.1M. Otherwise, the height too low will make people feel depressed and insecure.  
5. The general length of the ceiling fan han hanger has a variety of specifications, there are 10cm, 25cm, 35cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, or longer, you can first reserve the height of house ceiling when installation(such as the middle of the high two sides of the low trapezoidal ceiling).  

6. If the roof is lower than 2.6 meters and want to install ceiling fan with lights, we recommended to install flushmounted ceiling fan with lights.

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