What's the difference between different motor?

Frequency conversion ceiling fan with lights and ordinary ceiling fan with lights have differences mainly on the motor, performance, user experience and several other aspects:

1, Motor: ordinary ceiling fan with light using ordinary motor, which control rotate speed through the capacitor. In principle, the larger capacitor the higher start rotate speed, but it is not in line with the reality, cause the expansion capacitor size has a certain limit, more than the limit will cause harm to the motor.

Inverter ceiling fan lights use inverter motor, with 100% rated load in the range of 10% to 100% rated speed continuous operation, temperature rise will not exceed the motor calibration tolerance value of it.

2, Performance: Comparing to ordinary ceiling fan with light, the advantages of inverter ceiling fan are energy saving, nice heat dissipation, solid structure and more durable.

3, User experience: common ceiling fans and inverter ceiling fans in the practical use also has differences, such as inverter ceiling fans are relatively small sound, better safety performance, and there are several wind categories to choose, natural wind, sleep wind and so on. Some can also make appointments to switch on and off, which is the ordinary ceiling fan can not do.

Maybe you do not know that the inverter ceiling fans with light can be environmentally friendly energy saving before, and will worry about the high cost of electricity every month. From now on, you have a new choice——Yinghuang ceiling fans with lights, no longer have to worry about the electricity bill overruns, let us accompany you through the hot summer.