Does Retractble Ceiling Fan Have the Function of Reversible switch

There are 3 types of Retractble ceiling fan light switches, namely chain control, remote control, and wall control. Either way, the lights and fans are controlled separately, so they will not affect each other during operation. When lighting is required, the fan may not run, and vice versa. They can run simultaneously without affecting each other.

The invisible retractable ceiling fan with light is designed to be under the ceiling fan, thus avoiding the spots caused by the fan blades when the bulb is running. Although ceiling fans and lamps appear on the same product at the same time, they can be said to be two products from the root because they are independent and independent of a community. This is also a charm of invisible fan lights. When buying invisible retractable ceiling fan with light, you don't have to worry about the impact of the meeting between the ceiling fan and the lamp, but the combination of the lamp and the ceiling fan makes this product more decorative and more gorgeous.

As we all know, invisible retractable ceiling fan with light is a composite product composed of fans and lamps. Its main function is to create wind and lighting. Compared with the air conditioner, the wind it creates is not as cold as the air conditioner and is softer. But also because of this, the heat dissipation function is relatively weakened a lot.

The air conditioner is used in summer, and the  invisible retractable ceiling fan with light can be used in all seasons. Why is that? This is the functional role of the forward and reverse we mentioned above. Because of the design of the forward and reverse function, the use of invisible fan lights is possible, whether in summer or winter, which is the biggest difference from air conditioners.

The invisible retractable ceiling fan with light of forward turning, suitable for summer.In summer, when the weather is hot, what we need is cool air. The invisible retractable ceiling fan with light is set to turn forward, and the fan blades rotate clockwise, generating gentle and cool wind, accelerating the velocity of air flow in the space and creating natural wind.In winter, the weather is very cold, so we need warm air. The invisible retractable ceiling fan with light is set to reverse, and the fan blade rotates counterclockwise, which can push down the hot air rising in the room, but no wind in the room can accelerate the air circulation and increase the indoor temperature.This is the invisible retractable ceiling fan with light setting for reversible switch.