Life Tips: How To Clean Ceiling Fan With Light

How To Clean Ceiling Fan With Light

  1. Close the main power valve;
  2. Loosen the fixing screw on each fan blade with a screwdriver;
  3. After unscrewing the screw, pull the fan blade directly out of the fixed hole.The disassemblingof  invisible retractable ceiling fan with light is actually very simple, but it must be careful when disassembling, do not touch the wiring of ceiling fan lamp bulb, otherwise the bulb may not shine normally.
  4. Use vinegar for cleaning
How to clean ceiling fan with light

First prepare a free plastic basin; then pour 10 liters of white vinegar and 50 liters of water into the bowl and mix well; then soak the towel; finally wring out and wipe the ceiling fan lights directly.

After spraying the cleaner directly on the surface of the ceiling fan lamp, wait one minute and then wipe it with a clean cloth.


How to maintain ceiling fan with light

First of all, to enter the winter, the ceiling fan light should be designed to be reversed, which can not only regulate the air, but also extend the service life of the ceiling fan light.

Next, when you find that the ceiling fan with light has dust, you must remember to deal with it in time, because the accumulated dust will affect the normal operation of the ceiling fan.

In addition, light bulbs should be chosen among ceiling fan with light and try to choose LED , because LED is not only bright, but also energy-saving.


how to buy ceiling fan with light

  1. Try to choose a ceiling fan with a capacitor motor, because this ceiling fan with light is more energy-efficient and has a longer service life.
  2. Choose the appropriate style and color according to your own decoration style.
  3. Choose a ceiling fan with a small input power, because the smaller the input power, the more energy-saving.
  4. Choose the number of bulbs according to the size of the house.