Case Sharing: Dious Hotel Furniture Solution

Hotel Furniture Solution for Ronghui Peninsula Hotel

Chongqing Ronghui Peninsula Hotel is located in Ronghui Peninsula, Banan District, Chongqing City. The hotel design combines the natural beauty with humanities of the International Peninsula, using multiple landscape systems and international planning concepts to design the hotel as a prosperous and comfortable modern peninsula.


Hotel Furniture Solution overview


We are honored to offer furniture solutions for the hotel lobby, bedrooms, banquet room, conference hall, and canteen of Ronghui Peninsula Hotel. The overall design style perfectly integrates the characteristics of art culture and natural scenery into the hotel's design.




Hotel Furniture Solution Lobby


The hotel lobby furniture design uses restrained and plain-colored wood reception sofas with unique shapes, creating a tranquil and peaceful  atmosphere.




Hotel Furniture Solution bedroom queen room




Hotel Furniture Solution Twin Room


The furniture design of the bedrooms shows the characteristics of different themes. Romantic designed bedrooms adopt the combination of dark and light colors, showing simplicity and elegance. The traditional Chinese styled bedrooms use the natural scenery as the main element, making people relaxed and immerse in it. The simple and white tone family suite is filled with a sense of warmth.




Hotel Furniture Solution Banquet Room


The banquet room is furnished in a new Chinese style, generous and modern. It is an ideal venue for luxury conferences, exhibitions and weddings.




Hotel Furniture Solution Canteen


We combine Chinese classics and Western modern style features for the restaurant. Riverside scenery is easily seen from the Chinese style canteen, while the western style restaurant is decorated with delightfully fresh and elegantly comfortable furniture.




Hotel Furniture Solution Hall


The conference hall is designed to be simple and solemn, a wise choice for all business activities.