Education Furniture Solution For Guangdong Ocean University (GBU)


Guangdong Ocean University (GBU) is a comprehensive university with 86 years of history, featuring Marine and aquatic products and coordinated development of multiple disciplines. The campus construction integrates planning, landscape and architecture to create the graceful scholarly campus.


We are proud to provide furniture solutions for the diverse areas of Guangdong Ocean University. 

We pay attention to the flexibility of space applications, including establishing relatively independent functional areas, constructing multiple space levels, separating from public areas without disturbing each other, and protecting personal space. 


The color matching of different teaching areas provides students with a more diverse classroom experience, and there is no end to the freedom of creativity.


Dious, as a leading commercial furniture manufacturer, is ready to provide comprehensive solution proposals based on wide-range products and customized options for our clients. Looking forward to our cooperation.