DIOUS Furniture Group supports Shanghai to fight the new crown epidemic

DIOUS Furniture Group supports Shanghai to fight the new crown epidemic

DIOUS Furniture Group has received an urgent demand for epidemic prevention furniture materials from the Shanghai temporary quarantine housing project for the construction of temporary emergency isolation housing.

After receiving this "urgent task" , DIOUS Furniture Group quickly launched actions to fully support Shanghai's fight against the epidemic.

Under the epidemic situation of COVID-19, we all cooperated and rushed to work day and night. The first batch of vehicles full of furniture and materials rushed to Shanghai at the fastest speed. At present, they have successfully arrived at the isolation point for installation and are about to be put into use.

Since the new crown epidemic outbreak in 2020, DIOUS Furniture Group has been participating in supporting the fight against the epidemic and actively fulfilling its responsibilities as a large enterprise.

During the epidemic, Dious actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee and issued a "social welfare proposal" to all employees. Up to now, Dious has donated more than 2.5 million yuan to epidemic prevention units.

On the way to fight against the epidemic, Dious won the honorary title of fighting against the epidemic. This honor carries the affirmation of all walks of life for Dious' active work in fighting against the epidemic.

At present, the COVID-19 epidemic situation is still very severe prevention is still severe. In the particular period, Dious will continue to pay close attention to the dynamics of the epidemic area and provide help to fight against the epidemic.